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We will build bespoke packages for all your visitors to make it a day to remember!
  • Exec - Cars/Shuttles
  • VIP Lunch - in EIC or recommended local restaurants should this be preferred
  • Accommodation - Oakley Court Hotel, Runnymede Hotel, Royal Berkshire Hotel
  • Social Activities - Golf, Racing, Archery, Fly Fishing, Segway, Spa etc...
  • Dining - Top restaurants, either local or in London – based on personal taste
  • Agenda - based around needs of customer with right level of delivery
  • Demos - based on requirements
  • Access - to our experts/solutioneers

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Use the EMEA Innovation Centre to host your own event with Brocade, or invite select groups. Engage with Brocade and deliver demonstrations, with access to Brocade experts and technology. Host lunches, breakfast briefings, seminars and more.

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Brocade holds regular events on a variety of trends, technologies and launches, to suit a range of audiences.

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